United Sun Systems (USS) is a technology company founded in United Kingdom and Sweden in 2010 with the sole purpose to develop the most efficient solar energy technology including a battery solution. Producing electricity by harvesting the heat from the sun instead of, like Photo Voltaic (PV), converting the light is more than 100% more efficient. There are a few different ways of storing the heat, but absolutely impossible to store the light, without first converting to electricity.
USS has united world leading experts, engineering companies and laboratories, amongst them the US Department of Energy, to develop the world’s most efficient solar energy + battery system for production and 24 hour distribution of solar electricity. The new Generation II solar system ”Oasis” is totally unique as it is also the world’s first solar energy solution for 24/7/365 power generation. The Oasis is competitive to fossil fuels both in terms of price and performance, the technology is based on concentrated solar thermal energy, in combination with an integrated thermal battery and a gas hybrid system.

Many years of Research and Development

After many years of R&D and almost three years of negotiations, USS signed, in 2018, an exclusive license agreement with the Savannah River National Laboratory, a laboratory controlled by the US Department of Energy – DOE, to use a newly developed highly efficient, high temperature thermal battery. The new battery in combination with the USS patented solar concentrator (The Battery Dish), its own Stirling solar engine – V4-90 (developed by Ford Motors), and the in-house developed gas hybrid solution makes it possible to take a large step into the future of renewable energy. Now it will become possible to produce 100% solar based base load or micro grids. One Need – One Solution – One Investment.

The cheapest total energy solution, based on solar.

United Sun Systems is now preparing the commercial phase for the world’s cheapest total solar energy solution, a 24/7/365 energy producing system, that will already in medium volume industrial production levels deliver systems to produce electricity for less than USD 6 cents per kWh. This brings the technology to price levels where it will become cost competitive to fossil fuels. The USD 6 cents compared in cost with traditional solar cells (PV) together with lithium-ion batteries reduces cost approx. 95%.

A lean company structure with unique partners.

USS´s business plan has since the start been to keep the company as lean as possible and secure important technology through acquisition, IP and agreements. Today, USS has partnered up with the most experienced technology companies and laboratories, and is in the process to secure cooperations with industrial companies for industrial production of the technology, as well as builders or EPC contractors for on site development of the solar energy producing installations.