Energy is essential to all modern economic and human activity. The majority is consumed in industry, transport and households. This consumption increases sharply every year as the earth’s population is getting bigger and industry grows. At the same time, the gaps in consumption increase between over-consumers and the 1.3 billion people who do not yet have access to modern energy.
This leads to complications – while energy and electricity are necessary for economic development, total existing consumption contributes to about two thirds of global greenhouse gases. Most of the world’s countries agree that dependence on fossil fuels must be reduced and replaced of environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternatives.
The market for renewable energy is in most cases limited to a certain event – that the sun should shine, or wind should blow. Demand for energy is usually not consistent with these limitations and renewable energy cannot therefore be delivered on a sufficient scale when demand is available. The solution to this is to store the energy that was produced during the day and then deliver the energy in the evening when demand is available.

A market worth USD 4,300 billion

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), CSP will account for 11% of global energy production by 2050, making it one of the largest industries in the world with an annual turnover of approx. USD 90 billion. The Swedish Governmental Energy Agency, Energimyndigheten, using the IEA figures, made a presentation called “CSP-Solar Swedish Activities”. The report predicts the CSP market will reach 4,350 TWh per year by 2050 and that there will be a total investment need of USD 4,300 billion.


Sales will be made to the following segments

Electricity Producers – smaller and larger power generation clients. For example, it can be a total solution for an island, town or city. it may be industries, desalination plants, energy filling stations (today’s gas stations) or someone who want to sell electricity to a national network. The military has shown a great interest in a system which can produce safe and 100% renewable energy.

EPC Contractors – Companies that on behalf of end customer takes overall responsibility as a contractor for the construction of a solar power plant.