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CSP – Concentrated Solar Power – with energy storage and gas hybrid

The USS solar energy technology is called “Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Dish Stirling – CSP Dish-Stirling,” and is based on a fourteen (14) meter in diameter parabolic dish covered with glass mirrors, that reflects and focuses the solar rays to create temperatures of 750 degrees Celsius. This concentrated energy will be stored in the company’s new thermal battery. The battery powers a heat engine (Stirling Engine) that creates electricity through a generator. The system is provided with a “gas hybrid” to guarantee electricity production during longer periods of solar interruptions and the possibility to create independent grids. The technology is scalable from one system, that can generate power up to eleven American homes, to hundreds or thousands of systems that could generate power for larger cities, states or countries – cheaper than fossil fuels.

CHP – Combined heat and power

The V4-90 Stirling engine can also be used as a CHP system, delivering energy from hydrogen gas contained in: Landfill gas, Bio gas and Natural gas. USSI has created a company called Stirling Gas AB. This company that has an enormous amount of synergies with the mother company. USSI will utilise the V4-90 engine for this market. Stirling Gas AB is 100% owned by United Sun Systems International Ltd.