"United Sun Systems has developed a game-changing technology in solar energy
and is now ready for commercialization. The United Sun Systems "Oasis" will be
able to produce and deliver viable electricity, cheaper than any other solar
energy technology, not only during the sunny hours but also during the dark
hours, on peak demand. Now solar is, for the first time ever, in a position to
start compete with traditional and fossil fuel energy for real."

The Solar-Battery Solution the World has been waiting for.


United Sun System is creating the New Generation CSP Dish-Stirling system that also in-corporates energy storage and a hybrid solution. In large scale production this new system is able to produce renewable energy at a lower price than existing fossil fuel technologies.


United Sun Systems is uniting the world’s latest and greatest CSP Dish-Stirling technologies with the leading CSP Dish-Stirling manufacturing companies and people. United Sun Systems International has succeeded in developing the optimal solar energy solution, a complete 33 kW CSP Dish-Stirling system with unmatched performance and cost efficiency.


United Sun Systems is the first CSP-Stirling company in the world incorporating a Thermal Battery solution into the Dish-Stirling design.