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Generation II including battery storage

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The world’s cheapest high temperature, high efficiency, thermal storage (battery) solution. Working at optimal temperature range, 750 degrees for United Sun Systems technology, with no degradation.

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A new, by United Sun Systems, patented and redesigned optimal sized solar concentrator. The new so-called Battery Dish, has built in heat-pipe transfer technology and thermal storage solution.

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The V4-90. The most efficient of all high capacity solar Stirling engines in the world, with the highest power to weight ratio and the only solar Stirling engine designed for high volume industrial manufacturing.

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United Sun Systems Holding AB (USS)

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United Sun Systems in Mail Online

Could solar energy be cheaper than fossil fuels? A new battery that stores heat from the sun could make the technology...

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United Sun Systems

United Sun Systems has strengthened its board of directors with Dr R.K Pachauri, former Chairman of United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on...

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Solar Daily is reporting about the fact that United Sun Systems and DoE launch new super cheap solar battery system   

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